Lost track
Light fades another day left
Long shadows lure you in

This wasn’t easy

'Cuz I just can't find the strength to pull you up
And keep you taut
No I just can’t find the strength to hold you up
And keep you taut

Hide and Seek (Kristofferson Remix) [Clip]


i just finished my imogen heap remix and i’m really proud of it and i’m so super excited to post it omg

here’s a short clip of it for now until i get the cover art ready for its full upload on soundcloud (probably gonna have it out by sunday)

Those of you who love remixing or hearing fan made remixes- here’s a clip of an upcoming one by a fan!

artasweapon-21 asked:

I'm sure a lot of people are wondering the same, so I thought I would ask the powers that be on here. What's the status of Immi's "new" website? As a Sparks Deluxe Box Set owner, I've been itching to access all the extra content on the site from the playing cards! I'd assume the design team hit a snag since the website didn't go live as planned on the day of Spark's release.

The website has not yet gone live. But keep checking back and will let you know when it is up and ready! -B

Here is Imogen’s performance of Headlock featuring the Elysian String Quartet at Reverb 2014. Love the intro into this one! Amazing build up. Also features The Creatures!

(Credit to Ian Shepherd for the video)