Some of you may have heard that I have written and produced a song with Taylor Swift on her new record and she pretty much wrote it and I did the music stuff around it. She’s super talented. She turned up here at twelve o’clock on a Sunday, she had one day between sold out O2 shows, I was well impressed. It turned out to be amazing. I had never met her before, she’s really super talented. She came in, played me a little song on a guitar, just like the beginnings of a song and I was like “Sounds great! Let’s go down to the studio and see what happens!”

So we pulled together the music and basically by the end we’d managed lunch and dinner and she’d sung the vocals, I’d sung some backing vocals, done all the music, and recorded it pretty much as you now hear it on the record… with three or four days with messing around afterwards, but basically that was it. I’m really really proud of it, and I’m not going to tell you the name of it but it’s on her record 1989 which comes out the 27th of October and I’m super proud of it and I can’t wait for you to hear it because I love it!

Imogen Heap on her collaboration with Taylor (x)


Lost track
Light fades another day left
Long shadows lure you in

This wasn’t easy

'Cuz I just can't find the strength to pull you up
And keep you taut
No I just can’t find the strength to hold you up
And keep you taut